About Me

Just a little info

I am a doting mom who drives my kids crazy with a camera in their face almost daily. My passion for photography has grown over the past several years and although I long to attend workshops or schools having 5 kids doesn't leave much in the way of finances for those types of things. So I am completely self-taught and you know what? I am ok with that! One day I will join in on the fun just not yet.

I really hope to push myself out in the field a lot more in the coming years. I want to give others what I feel blessed to have plenty of myself. Memories, moments cherished, a forever account of who you were at that moment in time. I am shy and not much of a business woman when it comes to that side of things but the core is there and I believe everything else will fall into place if I keep an open mind and heart. 

If you are a photographer just curious about my gear or style.
I currently shoot with a D700 and while I have a few lenses my most cherished is the
35mm 1.4. I love getting wide and open and this does the job.
I also shoot raw and edit in almost 100% lightroom.
I don't have many LR presets accept VSCO and some random
freebies I find online. Unless I am shooting a session my process
is to edit pics on a singular basis. I don't consider myself to have 
a strong consistent editing style.

With that being said if you have any further questions or comments I would
love to hear from you. 

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