Saturday, April 7, 2012

7on7 walking along

As often as I can I head back to Huntington Beach, thanks to my sister who still lives there we have a 
place to stay and wonderful adventures always around the corner.

On this particular day we took a stroll to Main St. and had breakfast at 
Sugar Shack. If you are ever in HB you can't pass it up.

The scenery here is amazing, I can walk down the same street a thousand
times and still find new treasures to capture. 

I believe we all have our "place" of inspiration.
this for now is mine :)

Please follow along and see Anika's 7on7 post she would love to have you over.


  1. I wanna have those blue green doors. Wow.
    Such sweet photos, Amanda!

  2. these are beautiful, amanda. the way you notice details, make them so real and soft and lovely, and capture the soul in your children is extraordinary. i love your work. i love ALL of it.

  3. I agree. Extraordinary :) I just love the faces of your little ones :)